Exhibition Buildup


Company History:

ECI is one of the leading stand builders in Pakistan associated with a lot of end users and service provider.

ECI is a flexible and responsive organization. We have the experience and the “know-how” to be able to come up with practical solutions and new approaches. In addition to our own management, we retain a wide range of professional consultants in the all-important areas of display design and construction, advertising and public relations, event logistics, special events companies, service organizations and legal advisers.

Services: Shell scheme | Customize build up | Associated services

Associated Services:

◊ Construction of Shell scheme and dismantling.
◊ Theme development
◊ Designing and building of customize structure.
◊ Preparing layout.
◊ Carpet, floor covering, raised platform
◊ Electrical contractors
◊ Designing, printing fixing of signage and of Backdrops.
◊ Screen printing, graphics, Banners, hoardings
◊ Project management consultation.
◊ Interior, exterior, Ambiance and display
◊ Furniture and furnishing.
◊ Storage
◊ Catering
◊ Designing and printing of promotional materail

Shell scheme:

Being leading shell scheme provider, we have a wide range modular buildup and operational facilities ranging from standard shell scheme to well designed upgraded system as per cliental requirement.

Being a reusable flexible system, it given a low cost display solution as per individual need. The system is maintained and managed as per high quality standard while transporting, erection and cleaning to give exhibitors high standard display.

Custom Buildup:

We can estimate a project to suit your budget. The quality and brightness of an explanatory plan depends not only on the estimate but on our imagination and ingenuity. With these Ingredients guaranteed by Productions with the conceptual process and design, we will make the best out of your budgetary possibilities.

With the graphic and technical documentation of the project, whatever designs it, we are able to give you a quick and accurate response and estimates. We strongly recommend meetings with the executive direction in order to have a good communication and look for the best solutions, materials, and execution methods that most fit your needs or expectations. We have a specialized team that takes direct responsibility for the study, coordination and care, under the basic principles of dates and quality desired.

Our team of qualified professionals will take a personal interest in suiting your design and will use the most modern know-how and technology for interactive exhibits and installations. State of the art lighting, audio will provide the most attractive possible vehicle for your message. We gives you the most advanced technology for virtual image, visual animation, integrated automation and Audiovisual control.



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